Chapter 1

Someplace in North America, in the early 1700s.

My father was a master of disguise. He knew so much that he could make himself look like he was from any tribe you could imagine. My most favorite moments with him were when he would dress up, and make us kids identify which tribe he was from. I was so proud.

It was very dangerous work for him, being a spy like that. if the other tribes found out, he could be killed, held captive, or forced to assimilate. Sometimes he would be gone for months at a time, and many nights I went to bed fearing he was gone forever.

He never wanted me to become a spy like that because it was so dangerous but it was important that all of us as a tribe be able to identify and know people of other tribes when we encountered them. Because of my dads success he was called “many feathers” or “many coups”.